Spray More Acres

Our products give you a better way to communicate with your customers and manage your business so you can focus on spraying more acres.

Our Products

There is no specialized software to install. You can use our products anywhere you have an internet connection.
Flight Plan Online. Information management system for aerial applications. Blue and green logo with image of airplane taking off
Image of a single yellow and blue Air Tractor airplane flying over a green soybean field with barn and trees in background

Powerful, yet easy to use. Flight Plan Online® manages the end-to-end aerial application process.

Ground Control Online. Information management system for ground applications. Green logo with graphic of green field rows
Image of single yellow ground rig spraying green crops as it climbs a hillside

A superior dispatching system. Ground Control Online® keeps you on top of your rigs and on schedule.

Our Services

Graphic of a hand holding a cell phone with an arrow pointing north on the screen.
Mobile View
Open batches on the fly, select a job, and automatically record completion information.
Graphic of an envelope flying from left to right with movement lines trailing behind it.
Email alerts
Send your customers instant messages when jobs are scheduled and sprayed.
Graphic of a large map unfolded with a magnifying glass hovering over it.
Master Map
Get a complete overview of your jobs to create manageable batches and schedule them for spraying.
Graphic of a page of information with a magnifying glass hovering over it.
Records & reports
Create application reports and invoices the same day you spray. Run reports when you need data from your work.
Graphic of two location pinpoints on a map with a winding trail between them.
As-applied maps
There's no easier way to offer detailed as-applied information to your customers.
Graphic of a roadside caution sign with blinking warning lights above it.
Sensitive areas
Our system flags adjacent crops and hazards near your jobs. Our maps give you a clear view, so you spray the correct field.