A Better Way to Manage Custom Applications

Grow your custom applications

Ground Control Online® is a proven system used by applicators and retailers of all sizes. It helps you handle everything from creating job orders, to dispatch, to inventory management. You and your operators will be able to spend more time covering acres, and less time on scheduling and logistics. The system is so efficient, many users have gone paperless for custom applications.

Keep your customers happy

Our professional and accurate maps give your customers and agronomy salesmen a clear picture of every job. This helps avoid confusion and because all work orders are kept online, they can't get lost. Our email alerts allow your customers and agronomy salesmen to track jobs through every stage, without having to call you for updates.

Avoid risk

Ground Control Online® helps you reduce risk. Our system flags sensitive areas on work orders and maps. Your dispatchers can even filter jobs by favorable wind direction. That helps you avoid everything from bees and organic crops, to vineyards, and orchards. You can also identify adjacent crops, which is essential when spraying herbicides prone to drift.

Take it easy

Ground Control Online® is easy to learn. The user-friendly design will have your agronomy salesmen making maps and work orders, fast. Whether you have a few jobs, or a few hundred, our Master Map gives your dispatchers a clear overview to create manageable batches and schedule them for spraying. Our help section provides answers to the most commonly asked questions and online tutorials guide first-time users through the process. We also offer training to get you up to speed.

We've got your back

Our team is at your service, year-round. You can reach a real person for help. At AgriSmart Information Systems, we understand that you and your customers need answers, fast. During spray season, we're available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Ground Control Online® is licensed on a per-acre basis. For more information on the value Ground Control Online® brings, contact us at 800-890-6945.

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